Arctic Coffee

  • Gryning - The moment right before the sun rises. Gryning is floral with tastes of red berries and orange.

    * Filter ground coffee will be ground right before shipping! 
  • Weight: 250g

    Country: Ethiopia
    Area: Guji
    M.a.s.l.: 1900
    Type: Heirloom
    Process: Washed
    Best before: Up to 3 months. Tastes best 2-6 weeks after roasting.


Etiopia Guji

Gryning comes from a washing station in Guji. This is where they receive coffee from small producers in the nearby area. A producer often does not produce more than 300kg, hence they are gathered at the mill for processing and export. There is a collection of old coffee plants growing in the fores, combined with new and improved varieties.Together they are called Ethiopian Heirloom.