• Skumring - Tranquility after sunset. Skumring has rich flavours of dark caramel, dried fruit and sweet citrus.

    * Filter ground coffee will be ground right before shipping!
  • Weight: 250g

    Country: Colombia
    Area: Huila
    M.a.s.l.: 1700
    Type: Castillo, Colombia og Caturra
    Process: Washed

    Best before: Up to 3 months. Tastes best 2-6 weeks after roast. 


Colombia Huila

El Divio Niño is a collection of microblends from Huila. Since every producer produces very small quantities, the coffee is gathered by taste, and sold in bags thereafter. The coffee is harvested in 3-4 passes so that only the ripe berries make it to the mill.

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